Commitment to Collaboration Shared During Transition

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Within 24 hours of becoming Governor-Elect, Gretchen Whitmer met with Governor Rick Snyder in the Executive Office to begin conversations around the transition and ensure an efficient, collaborative process.

“Governor Snyder and I have a shared commitment to a smooth transition that respects the fact that there is one governor in Michigan and that also ensures we will be ready to get to work for the people of Michigan on day one of my administration,” Whitmer said following the meeting.

Lt. Governor-Elect Garlin Gilchrist II also met with Lt. Governor Brian Calley to discuss the transition and tour the state Capitol, where Gilchrist will become President of the Senate on Jan. 1.

“I want to thank Lt. Governor Calley for welcoming me and offering his support throughout the transition process,” said Lt. Governor-elect Gilchrist. “Seamless transition is a cornerstone of our democracy and in the best interest of the people we serve.”


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